New POS sales display for Eisch Germany

Jun 24, 2017 | Uncategorized

For the presentation of glasses and accessories for perfect whiskey enjoyment, we have developed a new sales display that meets a wide range of requirements.

As a stage for the unmistakable presentation of the high-quality glass products at the POS, we have made the new floor display out of matt black material. As a result, both the demands on modern design and the special requirements of glass products were taken into account. In order to enable maximum product presentation in a small space, the campaign area is equipped with a pull-out. In this way, it is adapted to the individual needs of the various sales areas so that it is optimally presented even in the smallest of spaces.

The back wall is constructed in such a way that changing product posters is very easy. The sales display can be converted to other glass series or promotions. The effort is limited. We have included the simple set-up and transport in the development right from the start. With this equipment, nothing stands in the way of the enjoyable whiskey experience.