Wooden sales displays

No plastic, no long transport and production routes and, if possible, only one material: wood

Sustainability – Sustainability, terms that shape our time and find their way into all areas – fortunately, because our earth will thank us.

There is still a lot of potential in the area of product presentation through sales displays. If you want to be present at the POS and stand out from the multitude of products, you cannot do without sales displays. Now we come into play … it is a misconception that floor displays, counter displays or brochure stands that are produced sustainably have to be expensive at the same time.

Thanks to good design and well-thought-out technology, our wooden displays can also withstand a price comparison with cardboard displays – with the big difference that a wooden product presentation is more durable and valuable.

With our sales displays and brochure stands made of wood, we offer a sustainable and affordable offer.
Production and design of our wooden displays are exclusively in our house and therefore made in Germany. < / p>

Send us your request for POS displays or brochure stands made of wood. You will be surprised what is possible – even with small quantities.

Floor displays made of wood

Counter displays made of wood

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