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We raise the bar when it comes to sales displays for your product presentation and ensure our full attention regardless of whether your project consists of a small or large series. With competence, experience and a good dose of passion, we ensure that your product or brand at the POS becomes a highlight that attracts everyone’s attention.

Together we will develop a concept that is optimally tailored to your project. When working with customers and suppliers, we place great value on open dialogue, reliability and honesty because only then can optimal results be achieved in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.

Trust us!

Free advice

At the very beginning, we will “sit down” with you, whether personally or virtually, we leave that entirely up to you.

Based on your ideas and wishes or maybe just visions, we create the first sketches “on site”, which we can use to discuss technical options and cost factors.


So that your vision becomes a successful POS project, we summarize your ideas, current trends and our technical know-how and visualize them for you in photorealistic designs that will inspire you.

Prepared in this way, you get a perfect first impression of how your product is presented in retail. Already here we make sure that costs, handling and logistics are included so that your vision does not fail due to reality.


If we have successfully passed the decision-making phase with regard to the design, we have arrived at the exciting part – the development of your display or shop system.

We consider both the active part of the display production as well as the downstream topics such as handling and logistics. Many factors are included here to achieve a cost and quality optimized result.


After possible adjustments in the development, we now proceed to the production of a prototype, which forms the basis of every series production. Both the function, as well as the optical properties and size relationships are visible and assessable on this.

Changes can now be made cost-neutral. In this phase of the project, it is also quite common to produce a small run in advance for test deployments at the POS. And when everything fits, we start series production.


The goal is getting closer and we are at a point where you have made the most important decisions. Because now it’s time to produce your display or shop system. The parts are manufactured both directly by us and by cooperation partners with whom we have been working for more than 20 years.

We are always keen to strengthen the location and protect the environment by avoiding long transport routes. Therefore, a large part of our suppliers are located in Baden-Württemberg. But of course we also cannot avoid importing materials or components. Preferred from other EU countries but also from Asia in order to be able to offer you competitive prices.

The final assembly and packaging for all projects takes place 100% in-house. This is the only way we can meet our quality standards, which we assure you as a customer.

Logistics / After Sales

Now that your presentation systems have been produced on time, you have also informed us of the recipients to whom we will send them for you worldwide. Whether you want to send everything completely to your own warehouse, to individual recipients or to country-specific warehouses, and maybe even have other goods that we should assemble and send for you – no problem.

You can confidently put all of this into our hands, we’ll be happy to take care of it. The right packaging, e.g. of course, we also develop for you for secure individual shipping.

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